Much of the work on the website is available for purchase directly from the artist. Any work in galleries or on exhibition is subject to the price and percentage paid to the gallery or dealer. Work will not be sold for less on the website once it is offered by a gallery or dealer.

Contact the artist for information about availability and pricing on a case by case basis: st@terrell-art.com.

Collecting prints is one of the best ways to start collecting and to invest in the work of an artist since these works are produced by the hand of the artist but can be sold for a more accessible price than original oil paintings. (A well known example of this collecting standard is the “100 Guilder Print”, a Rembrandt etching which sold for a price the middle class could afford, while his oil paintings were set at higher prices and commissioned generally by groups or wealthy collectors. Just as the oil paintings have increased astronomically in value, so too the etchings have become sought after investments. )

All the print editions shown here are hand printed and numbered by the artist in traditional etching and relief methods and are limited in number. As the prints sell, the remaining works increase in value and the price increases by increments. Prices are also set according to size, media, and technique. The prices for small prints, unframed, start at under $50 and increase to values of $300. The larger prints start at $500 and increase to values of $1500, depending upon the number in the edition.

Some collectors prefer to keep their print collections archived, showing them to friends and other collectors upon occasion. Other collectors like to hang them, framed, in their homes or businesses. The artist will give the collector the option of buying the piece in an archival frame for an additional cost, depending upon size and frame selected, once a discussion is started by email. Shipping cost will increase for framed pieces.

Once payment is made and cleared by check, money order, or PayPal, the work will be shipped.

For work shipped out of the country, the purchaser pays any and all duties and/or taxes on export according to each custom's office requirements. Unless you specify a broker at time of order, the carrier may pre-pay all customs and duty charges, and collect same from you upon delivery.

Artwork may be returned for any reason within 14 days after receipt to provide the purchaser an opportunity to examine the work without obligation. Return shipping and insurance is the responsibility of the purchaser. Refund will be made upon return and receipt by the artist of the work, undamaged.

Copyright Notice

Susana Terrell's works are protected by both The World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) which is administered by The Berne Convention for the Protection of Literary and Artistic Works of all international copyright agreements and the Library of Congress of the United States of America. Susana Terrell holds exclusive rights over her artworks. Any attempt to copy or reproduce or to create derivative works from any the works of art displayed online will be legally prosecuted as stated by law.