Children's Art

The work below is not for sale and all copyrights noted on web site apply.

“Ceramic squirrels” by Class of 2008/9

“Tools” by Catherine

“Owl and Pussy Cat” by Gabi 7

“Oncoming Train” by Keiji

“Bluefish” by Ken

“Morning Train” by Keiji, 7

“Summer Feast” by Ken

“Artist-bird” by Catherine

“Copy Cat” by Haley, 10

“Ceramic fish” by Class of 2008/9

“Bunny” by Catherine

“Hiding in the Leaves ” by Catherine

“Money Box” by Ken

“Rooster” by Catherine

“Toothbrush and Toothpaste” by Catherine

“Hen” by Keiji

“Rabbit” by Keiji

“Hen” by Ken

“Jack Russel” by Cathrine

“Bulldog” by Fatou

“Engine” by Keiji

“View of Capitola” by Ken

“Seashells” by Ken

“Early Bird” by Amir

“Tangerines” by Catherine

“Mask” by Ella

“Turtle” by Julian 6

“Studio” by Paloma

“Gyotoku Fish” by Luna

“Fall Leaves” by Catherine

“Dirty Paws” by Inti

“Little Bird” by Julian

“Mask” by Fatou

“Under the Moon” by Amir

“Lizard” by Ella

“Horse” by Catherine

“Mouse Family” by Paloma, 8

“Garden Fence” by Gabi, 7

“Loch Ness Monster” by Ken 10

“Arana Gulch” by Paloma 10

“Peter” by Paloma 11

“Shark Attack” by Abe, 8

“Class Prints” Spring 2005